My Mission

My mission is to look after your bike so it gives you the performance you expect. I can't pedal up hills for you, but my work is of the highest standard to make sure that the effort you put in is not wasted by brakes that rub, or gears that are worn out, rattling and giving you trouble! I am fully qualified to a professional level to give you the professional service you deserve.

As a "shed" I am able to offer a very competitively priced service menu and fixed price standalone jobs, that shop based businesses cannot match. I am open to suit you and do not have fixed 9-5 hours. 

I guarantee my skills and professionalism as a pro bike mechanic - 6 months for all my work and 1 year on new parts fitted.

Please note: I no longer collect and deliver. I no longer have a suitable vehicle. I no longer offer a mobile service.

E bikes

These need service and maintenance (just as any bicycles) to the drivetrain, gears and especially brakes. I can undertake this work on your electric bike at no extra cost over a human powered machine. I also have the knowledge to check out any basic electrical faults they may have.


I can also change the oil and provide new cabling and sprockets for Rohloff 14 speed hub gears. I have my own Rohloff equipped bike - Thorn Raven Sport Tour - and am pleased to carry out all work on all Rohloff equipped touring or MTB with disc or rim brakes.

Prams, buggies, walking frames...

Mobility aids, prams, walking frames, wheelchairs... these all have tyres, wheels and brakes that are easy for me to repair. They are just the same as those found on bikes! So, if your brake cables are frayed, your tyre going bald, a wheel buckled or something is loose; give me a call and I should be able to help.

I know from personal experience that the NHS do maintain the equipment that is on loan, however waiting times can be very long. With me you can put it right quickly, and at low cost.