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Update early November: Year 10 of trading! Its back! After last years success the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme has recommenced (4/11/21) https://www.cyclinguk.org/ScotCycleRepair

In simple terms, you get up to £50 of free repairs so a !!FREE!! silver service, labour and parts in excess of that are charged to you but obviously discussed and agreed with you before hand. Get in touch to arrange an appointment for you to visit.

The funders require your postcode and email in return so they can contact you with 2 short questionnaires.

Heres what the site says: "This service aims to get lots more people across Scotland on their bikes. The Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme is working with bike shops, mechanics and community projects providing cycle repairs across the country, to provide free repairs and maintenance to those who need it. Bike shops and mechanics joining the scheme are awarded grants to provide free repairs and maintenance work, up to the value of £50 per person and £100 per person for non-standard cycles (e.g. trike, tandem, recumbent, cargo. Excluding standard upright e-bikes)."

Working normal hours to meet demand and managing to turn bikes round mostly the same day or 24 hours. Please lets socially distance as, are all interactions, tell me to wear a mask if I forget and you want me to.

Bike and bike parts supply issues: This situation is ongoing and trade chat indicates it will be into next year before its fully resolved. I'm doing my best and spending more time than usual sourcing parts, one good thing is a move away from the ubiquity of shi*an* especially on cassettes with Sunrace and Microshift filling the gaps with same quality parts that are just as good in operation and robustness.

Welcome! Have a read through to find out a bit about me, what I do and prices. Always happy to help with chat and advice so get in touch!

Get in touch, click address to see map

David Seaman

23 Morayvale, Aberdour, Fife, Scotland, KY3 0XE

Mobile: 07772 948568

Tel: 01383 860199

Email: dave@davesbikeshed.co.uk

OR davidseaman10@gmail.com

Twitter: @DavesBikeShed

Now in year 11 of trading, Dave's Bike Shed has established itself as a trustworthy provider of great value for money cycle repair and maintenance to people from Fife, Lothians, Edinburgh and beyond.

Thanks to all who continued to support the Shed in its first ten years, your repeat business and friendship is greatly appreciated. Thanks for spreading the word about me and my expertise and care in looking after your bike.

To my new customers; my thanks for your business, see you again for the regular maintenance your bike needs to keep it tip top and giving you the performance it should.

Is your crank arm cross threaded or the thread stripped out at the pedal? With a chainset costing from £35 to £600, this problem would normally result in these parts going to the recycling. Not any more! Let Dave's Bike Shed repair this with a Helicoil insert that will allow a pedal to attach to your crank and for you to save the cost of a new chainset. See prices and maintenance page for full details.

Do your disc brakes consistently squeal? Despite cleaning rotors and changing pads your disc brakes need to be set up correctly to ensure they operate effectively; where the calliper mounts to the frame has to be absolutely square, let me make sure this is the case with my specialist tool. Details on the maintenance page.

Bought a bike from the internet and marvelled at the cost savings but despaired at the customer service and then having to set your bike up? Identify a broad range of bikes, in your price range, and ask me to quote. Not only will I seek to supply the bike, I will make sure its set up 100% safe and ready to ride and that it fits you. I will even deliver it to you locally and supply it fitted with any accessories you wish. I can supply new bikes from a number of manufacturers. Click here for further details.

More on e-commerce and internet competition. "You cant fit a bottom bracket over the Internet" Okay, its not a direct quote but the superb book "The Case for Working with Your Hands: Or Why Office Work is Bad" makes the case for the internet being unable to hammer in a nail. More and more business's are thinking local, doin the right thing by customers, here is one my examples. An Edinburgh resident, who is Aberdour born and still has family in the village makes contact, front gear changer not working and front wheel buckle. Turns out the wheel buckle is an incorrectly mounted 2.10 Conti Mountain Race tyre, sometimes they dont seat well, front changer is a cable retension and reset the limit travel screws. Ten minute job using 1 allen key, 1 screwdriver, 1 wheel truing stand and my experience and skills - charge £5 - because that makes sense to me. That the job was done on a Saturday morning while he waited, says so much more than saving £15 on a new chainset or £3 on the same Shimano cassette that I can fit for you.

Bikes in boxes bought online

For £25 I can unbox and carefully unpack your new internet purchase; put it on a workstand; inflate your tyres to correct pressure (not what feels just right!); build it and check everything is A1, then test ride your bike. You can even have it delivered to me then collect your brand new bike safe in the knowledge that its working perfectly.

I can fit you to the bike and supply the essentials if you want to top up the tyre pressure, repair a flat etc., a service aimed at maing your life simple. You'll get on your bike straight away without faffing or potentially riding an unsafe machine.

Remember, all work is guaranteed and you will be a happy customer of Dave's Bike Shed.

Wheel building news

Have moved to Miche and Bitex hubs for the hand-builts. Ambrosio rims are still very popular but getting difficult to source so for me its Kinlin. I have an almost direct replacement for the Excellight - the XR19W, ask me about it! I am using more Ryde rims too, and have Shimano 105 and Ultegra here as well if you like the BIG S cup and cone. Coloured hubs? Let's go Hope, which I can supply.

Disc brakes and assymetric are now commonplace as it allows each side of the rim and spokes to be more evenly tensioned. Your new disc bike of the last few years most likely has assymetric. Again, advice is free if you want an upgrade to these or want to replace a hub and/or rim - its all possible.

Through axle dimensions? - dont worry if this confuses you, I can talk you through it when we first chat. The Bitex hubs i am now using, they are my default on disc brake, have interchangeable axles to suit your set up. Hope also have this with swapout end caps, most in stock. So if you have an older 9mm quick release Hope hub we can use it in your new thru axle gravel bike set up, no bother!

Go Tubeless? its the future!

For me, tubeless is now more than four years old. After a few trials with differnet kits, I use mostly Zefal or Schwalbe tape, valves and sealants. These cope with air from a pump or CO₂ from your canister - some fluids deteriorate with CO₂ which you don't want.

Customers getting their tubeless tyres changed shows me up to 7 or 8 sealed puncture holes: that's up to 8 tubes not changed or patched. Think of the time saving, never mind the cost. If you wonder if your rims can go tubeless, get in touch and we can discuss, advice is always free.


Always in stock! Oil change required on your Rohloff Hub Gear? Give me a call - I can drain old oil, flush with cleaning oil and refill with oil for £30.

Hope technology

I love Hope brakes and hubs, they are quite simply the most affordable well engineered brakes and hubs available. They are all designed, manufactured and distributed here in the UK. I am now an official Hope dealer and can supply you with everything they make. I have an immense selection of spares for hubs (bearings, pawl springs) and brakes (all seals, O rings, caps, olives etc.) and a full Hope tool kit to correctly remove and replace all your worn components. No oddly sized sockets used to knock out bearings - that's not the way to do it! Get in touch to discuss overhauling your breaks and hubs.

Remember if you replace your chain before its totally worn out, you should get at least two chains to 1 cassette, thus saving you money in the long run. How many miles does a chain last for? This depends on how clean and how well lubricated you keep it. The cleaner the better, and oil only into the rollers. Chains covered in oil just wear out more quickly as they pick up all the dust and grit.

I can sell you a chain checker, so when you return to me for a cassette replacement, you have had 2 or maybe 3 chains on one cassette. 10 speed cassettes that we will all be riding in the near future are retailing £50+, avoid this cost with my advice and expertise.

Restoration jobs

Raleigh Small Wheels

1. On the stand.

2. Laquer paint finish over treated rust to give a patina/original look; mechanically A1.

Dawes Lady Galaxy

1. On the stand.

2. 27x1 1/4" wheels replaced with 700c handbuilt 105 hubs onto Sputniks - period and correct!

3. Full fit out, 8sp pod shifters on flat swept back bars, compact Stronglight chainset with 32 tooth rear.


LMcP, Edinburgh, April 21

Just a quick note to let you know that we've been out a few times on the tandem with the new wheel fitted. Unlike the machine built wheel that was fitted originally, your hand built wheel has stayed completely true, with no creaking noises or tinkles from the spokes.

Happy customer? Very much so!

Thanks :)

TM - August 2019

My wheel complete with Son 28 hub has been working a treat for a couple of months now and with the nights ‘fair drawing in’ now this will come in really handy for my daily commute and I’m pleased that this is now a ‘fit and forget’ lighting setup rather than battery powered!

Once again - thanks for weaving your golden skills on my wheel! As expected, despite the potholes on the road to work it continues to run 'as straight as a die' and I’m so glad I decided to come to a small independent outfit with years of experience in this craft (not local for me - but an enjoyable trip from Edinburgh)! This one’s built to last…

S of west Fife (May 19)

...smooth and comfortable on C'dale carbon Dave with the new wheels, many thanks.

Mr O, Edinburgh - 28 spoke, 2 cross Hope Rs4 onto Excellight rims (Oct 18)

Dave: New wheels are everything you promised and more - fast, light, comfortable - absolutely delighted with them, many thanks again.

SS, full sus Whyte, drive train, brakes, pivots, headset etc (Aug 18)

Love it Dave, silent and smooth. Feels like a new bike again. Thanks a lot.

A Stirling built Elrick keeps on goin!

Quick word to say thanks so much for getting my late Mum's Elrick back on the road. Been using it for my daily ride to work and its going great. So happy to be able to ride it again :-) It means more to me than you can know.

Thanks again. S J

CB, following a midwinter service (Jan 18)

50+ miles and 3000+feet yesterday on the newly serviced Intenso. Run like a sweetie!!! Thanks again for a top service.

KB provides some feedback on my services

David offers free and impartial advice. He provides detailed quotes via email – orders and fits the parts and invariably everything is ready exactly when he says it will be, costing exactly what he quoted. My Croix de Fer has been transformed with the new drivetrain and the 105 upgrade he recommended. Well worth the journey to Aberdour for the best level of service I’ve seen. Mainstream bike shops should take note.

John McT, Aberdour says:

Dave has been fixing my bikes for about six years now. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. There’s nothing about bikes Dave doesn’t know and he seems to fix anything! Dave takes real pleasure in his work and a pride in doing the best job for you. Service and value is unrivalled. If your bike needs anything, take it to Dave!

A new cyclist, appreciates their bike purchase and after care service.

Dave took time to make sure I got the bike I wanted (not just the colour I liked!) and then talked me through using it for the first time. His care during the first year of ownership meant I didn't have to worry about the bike, just concentrate on using it and enjoying it. Thanks Dave.

C and his Scott MTB hardtail find the bicycle shop and repairs to a standard and quality he couldn't find elsewhere......

Just a wee word of credit for a job well done. Had first wee birl on the Scott on Sunday, 18 – 20 miles up over the Cults and have to say bike was very smooth and also very quiet. Running gear worked a treat and bike was a pleasure to ride. Did an off road 15 miler this avo and it was fun being back to basics on a hardtail. Looking forward to an enjoyable winter’s riding.

Second hand bike sales! A satisfied customer writes.....


Many thanks for the 'Giant' bike for riding on my rollers inside in this winter weather, it is now being used daily.

Dave delivered my bike fully prepped and ready to ride, he even had the saddle at the right height before he saw me!

I was on the waiting list for a used bike for about a month before Dave came up with a choice of 2 suitable bikes.

I went for a Giant hybrid with 700c wheels which has proved perfect.

Thanks again J

Dave B, Kirkcaldy


Many thanks for work carried out on bike, running well now chain and gears so much better and were obviously in need of attention. Front brake has never worked so well, will need to keep an eye on rear disk brake as not very effective. Hopefully get a few months running left.

Appreciate work done, picking up and delivering bike certainly added to the service. I will not hesitate using you again.

A new cyclist, appreciates their bike purchase and after care service.

Dave took time to make sure I got the bike I wanted (not just the colour I liked!) and then talked me through using it for the first time. His care during the first year of ownership meant I didn't have to worry about the bike, just concentrate on using it and enjoying it. Thanks Dave.

S, Aberdour

Second Hand Bikes

Purchased a girls bike from Dave's Bike Shed for our Grand Daughter, the bike was in perfect condition and exceeded all safety regulations, but the thing that puts Dave above everyone else (including the bike) was his customer service, Dave focused on the customer (our Grand Daughter) making her feel very special on the day, he made sure the bike was perfect for her and spoke to her as a customer... We left the bike shop with a quality bike, a delighted grand daughter and a very small amount of cash from our wallet. Thank you Dave for a great bike shopping experience for all of us, she loves her bike and we all loved the Bike Shed... We certainly know where we will be going when we need all our bikes serviced or require spare parts... Your a gem..Mrs W Dalgety Bay

Sara gets her handlebar height adjusted and comfortable cycling returns:

Hi Dave

Had the bike out for a long run on Saturday & the new handle bar stem was spot-on ! I didn't get any of the usual shoulder pain & it felt much more comfortable - it didnt even need adjusted.

Just wanted to say thanks :)



Fixie rebuild and new rear wheel

Hi Dave, three weeks of commuting fixed , and the bike is riding beautifully (me not so good-coff coff). Thanks again for a good job, A (Edinburgh).