Service Options and Prices, after years of stable pricing on my service menu I have had to increase prices very slightly to charge a fairer price on the labour time they take.  I found that I had lots of bikes between the fixed price levels, not quite silver, but more than bronze etc; not needing the strip down and rebuild of a gold but requiring more  care and attention  than the silver was charging for.  I know I am still the best value in Fife and way more value than city prices!  Bronze remains outstanding value. 

Bronze Service – I will make sure that your bike is safe and functioning correctly and record and tell you of problems and any other work required.  This is the service to have once a year if your bicycle is not used on a regular basis.  Your child’s bike needs to be at this standard for your confidence and peace of mind. 

£31 – excluding parts – check and adjust – gears, brakes, tyres, steering aligned, chain cleaned and lubricated, all bolts tightened. 

Silver Service – I make sure that in addition to the above, the main bearings in the hubs and bottom bracket (where the wheels and pedals turn), are all functioning, I also check and true the wheels to remove wobbles.  This is the service if your bicycle is used fairly regularly and you want worry free cycling.  This is my most popular service.

£47 – excluding parts – as Bronze plus clean and check hubs, bottom bracket and pedals, true wheels.

Gold Service – In addition to the Silver service I totally clean the drive train, clean and regrease all the major bearings; your bike is taken to pieces and rebuilt with worn and broken parts being replaced as required.  This service is best for bicycles that are used many miles per year, commuters, tourists, racers; or a bike that has been unused for a while or a “new to you” bicycle.

£81 – excluding parts – as Silver plus clean gears and drive train, regrease, hubs, headset, bottom bracket, seat post, road test.

Complete bike build

Your dream frame and groupset built into a bespoke bike from £80.  This can be state of the art road or mtb or something retro, perhaps you want to rebuild your lightweight racer from back in the day? Dave’s Bike Shed has the knowledge, skill and attention to detail to make this happen.  I can supply parts at a price that may surprise.

Cannondale Super Six built at the Shed - Sub 8kg; Sram Red special yellow tour DF edition, two colour bar wrap.
Crank Arm pedal threads repair
Crank Arm pedal threads repair – rescue your expensive crankset from the recycling! Save pedal threading on crank arm, left or right, with use of the correctly handed thread Helicoil insert. 
£25 per pedal thread postal service available, I can undertake this job with usually a 48hr turnaround using PayPal; phone or email me to discuss this service, you send your cranks to me using Royal Mail or a courier of your choice, I will invoice you £25 (per insert) + £11 return 24 hour signed for courier delivery, pay using PayPal/cheque, cash in person, job done, sent back to be refitted your bike as good as new. 

Fixed Price Standalone Jobs with parts supplied

Some example prices:
Puncture – new inner tube - £6

Tyre Replacement – from £15

Hydraulic Disc Brake Service 1 – front and rear cleaned, fluid renewed and bled - £22

Hydraulic Disc Brake Service 2 – as 1 plus pads replaced and calliper serviced £42

Brake Calliper mounts facing to ensure square contact with pads and rotor. £5 

I thoroughly recommend this is done as part of brake overhaul, in which case Free.

Non-Hydraulic Brake Service 1 – front and rear cleaned, pads and inner cable replaced - £22

Non-Hydraulic Brake Service 2 – as 1 plus outer cable replaced £27

Bottom Bracket – replace - £25

Handlebar grips - £9

Handle bar tape - £12

Hub gear new cabling twist grip to join – inner and outer - £20

Hub gear new cabling join to gear box – inner and outer - £15

Hub gear Rohloff - 14 speed oil change - £30

Hub gear Rohloff – new twist shifter - £28

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